Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ISIS Thugs Behead Alawite Truck Drivers Who Flunk Religion Quiz [Gruesome, For Mature Audiences Only]

bsd Recently, Globe Tribune.Info presented a video of ISIS rebels quizzing Syrian drivers who they suspected of being Alawites. When the drivers could not answer the quiz questions correctly, they were executed with gun shots by the ISIS thugs. The video, which was made by Isis thugs, is presented here. This is what they themselves brag about. This video was taken down from You Tube because it is deemed shocking and disgusting. We agree. The public should be shocked and disgusted by this barbarity, which is why we present it here.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Truth About Jerusalem In Islam [Video]

 Photo by Jonas Hansel

This video is related to a posting on Globe Tribune.Info It is posted here to avoid its getting deleted from You Tube. It deals with the place of Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount in Islam. Because of reports that the video is offensive to Mulslims, I screened it with extreme sensitivity to the issue of incitement. On this web site, and Globe there is a clear policy against bigotry and incitement. This video passes those tests. Indeed, it is most informative.

Read an article based on this post on Globe Tribune.Info

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