Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Advertising and Television Programming

Advertisers pay billions of dollars a year to present commercials that will encourage people to buy and to consume. They create needs among the masses of consumers that didn't exist previously. Despite this, people debate whether or not violence and promiscuity on television and in music actually influences people's conduct. How can it be that the commercials are demonstrably effective, yet the programs are not?
For years we lied to ourselves about tobacco. Now we admit that it is injurious. The truth is out about our use of television, cinema and music. Let's face up to that with the same candour with which we have approached tobacco. The various media of mass communication are morally neutral.
It is what we make of them that counts. Let's use public entertainment for our collective betterment, supporting programmers and advertising that enoble our conduct and outlook.

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