Friday, February 22, 2008

Faces Behind The Statistics (Forgotten Children by Tokio Hotel)

I am presenting a German music video that brought tears to my eyes. It presents a panorama of children in the world whose lives are much different from those of us who can sit in a heated house on a paved street in front of a computer screen. Some of the words to the song translate as follows. "They play, they laugh, they cry exactly like you." The lyrics strive to accentuate a common humanity among those who suffer and those who prosper.
I always had a rational belief that the world economy should not only deliver goods, but a decent standard of living to all. In the eyes of G-d, it does not matter the colour of the face down which tears streak, or the language of a cry.
There is an urgency not only to charity and relief, but to an economy in the world that brings prosperity and peace to the people of the world.
This video puts a face upon this rational conviction, and lends it an eloquent voice.
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