Friday, February 15, 2008

One Set of Weights and Measures

The Torah prohibits even posessing two sets of weights.(Deuteronomy 25:13).The temptation would be too strong to use them, so even their mere posession is prohibited.
Israel is routinely judged by lofty standards to which no other nation is held. If there were one set of weights and measures, Hawaii would still be a kingdom, and the southwest of the United States would be referred to as occupied Northen Mexico. Indeed, there are groups which advocate Hawaii's Independence, and even that of Alaska.
Russia has within its borders many non Russians, most notably the Chechens, who want their own country.
Most of Latin America is built over the graves of native peoples all but wiped out by the Spaniards.
Muslim Indonesia has occupied East Timor, and China has done the same with Tibet.
Now, the Arabs want Jerusalem. They destroyed Joseph's tomb when they were given possession of it and now we are supposed to trust them to manage Jerusalem.
The world has gone far beyond possession of two sets of weights and measures. Israel is daily weighed and found wanting according to standards followed by no one. The time is long past to reject the extortionate demands of Israel's insatiable neighbours and their superpower backers. Israel must reclaim its self respect. The time is now. Sphere: Related Content

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