Friday, February 29, 2008

Partial Glossary of words in Schopfloch Dialect

The following is glossary of words in the Schopfloch dialect, some of which overlap with underworld jargon used in the general geographical area encompassing Schopfloch. I have put noted words of Hebrew derivation.
Lachoudisch - a corrupted form of lashon kodesh or holy tongue, the name given the Schopfloch dialect.
Majim- Hebrew mayim - water
Jajin - yayin - wine
bei jom = By Day. From the Hebrew "Yom" (day)
bei leile = By Night. From the Hebrew "Laila" (night)
ballmischpet = Examining Magistrate. From the Hebrew Ba'al Mishpat (Master of Law)
assern = To testify against someone, to "betray" them. osser in Hebrew means forbidden or bound
Schoufett mayor - in Hebrew judge
tume - church Hebrew word for impure
sinem- police - Hebrew for "hated"
gallach - priest Hebrew for "shaven one"
acheln = To Eat. From the Hebrew root a-ch-l (food/eat).
alle gehn = To Be Arrested, To Vanish into Thin Air. possibly from Hebrew aliyah meaning to go up
betuke = To Be Discreet or Imperceptible.
behejme Hebrew and Lachoudisch for "animal"
A few years ago , I was readily able to find a glossary of this dialect on the internet. It was with difficulty that I was able to patch these few words together. Sphere: Related Content

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