Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2008: A Plea for an African Focus

An inventory of Africa's natural wealth, from oil to diamonds and gold reveals a good foundation for material success. Tragically, areas such as the Congo and Sierra Leone that could be far wealthier are blighted by war and corruption that stunt their economic growth.
I hope that whoever wins the election in 2008 focuses their attention on the unrealised potential of sub saharan Africa. The British, French, Belgian and Portuguese governments as former colonial rulers of much of Africa should of course facilitate economic, infrastructural and political development in these regions. Particularly in the field of education, former colonial powers could through private channels provide assistance to educational development, perhaps even founding new universities in the independent states that were once colonies.
Public health, particularly AIDS, malaria and malnutrition should be a high priority.
As a fan of African popular music, I feel that a cultural dialogue and exchange between African and American performers could benefit the American musical scene immeasurably.Performers such as Miriam Makeba, the a capella group Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Kojo Antwi of Ghana are examples of untapped musical wealth that could thrive in an American market. It should be remembered that entertainment is a multi billion dollar industry and could pump a lot of money into impoverished areas. The beauty of art and music is an equaliser in which African performers could teach lead and uplift a superpower that has a nebulous appreciation of its relationship to sub saharan Africa.
America cannot and should not pretend to be a hermit kingdom. We are a superpower. We should use our strength wisely,give to others and learn from them.
Copyright 2008 by Magdeburger Joe
Please click on link below to view a music video by Kojo Antwi of Ghana.
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Anonymous said...

i just watched blood diamond and the enacted atrocities that are taking place in Africa. Your comments are absolutely true. America needs to be doing more.