Saturday, March 8, 2008

An Antiwar Song By Bosnian Singer Dino Merlin from You Tube

Dino Merlin is one of the most popular singers in Bosnia. In that divided country, he is from the Muslim community. In keeping with the tolerance between ethnic groups that was dominant through much of Bosnia's history, he promotes peaceful coexistence in his music.
I see common ethnic roots of the different ethnic groups that have fought in that region reflected in their speech and seen in their faces.There was a time in Balkan history when brothers adopted different faiths from the many conquerors that passed through the region. My two siblings and I all profess different creeds. According to the feelings of our hearts, and in accordance with our parents wishes, we maintain friendly contact. I hope and pray that the peace that attends our meeting pass to our descendants
The title of the song in this video' Prokletog Me B-g Stvorio" translates as "G-d Created Me Damned." These are powerful words that match the heart rending pictures in the video.

It is hard not to wonder if the Muslims of Bosnia might have been related by blood to some of the other inhabitants of that troubled region. Living in America, it is hard to understand how Bosnians who share a common language are able to inflict such cruelty on each other. My ancestors on one side of the family are from neighbouring Croatia. It is perhaps because of the blood closeness I feel to Bosnia and Croatia that I am determined to do what I can to make sure that America should never descend into the intolerance that shredded the map of Bosnia Herzegovina and watered its soil with the blood of its people.

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