Friday, March 7, 2008

Bagneux, France - Shock, Outrage after New Anti-Semitic Gang Attack from vos iz

Bagneux, France - Officials voiced outrage after it emerged a gang had locked up and attacked a Jewish youth in the same Paris suburb where Ilan Hamili was tortured to death two years ago.

Six youths aged 17 to 25, are accused of locking up 19-year-old Roumi in a storage room, beating and tormenting him. The youths -- who knew the victim -- had falsely accused him of stealing from them in order to lure him into a trap. Once Roumi arrived in the apartment of one of his aggressors, he was handcuffed on a radiator and beaten. And with a pen, the aggressors scrawled "dirty Jew" on his face. Later they forced him to swallow down cigarette butts. The ordeal lasted nine and a half hours, and after that he was hospitalised.

"We are shocked and outraged. We condemn such acts in the strongest term," the Bagneux city hall said in a statement. [EJP] Please click on title to this link to visit Vos Iz Neias website Sphere: Related Content

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