Sunday, March 30, 2008

Clinton Leads in Negative Opinion Among Voters.

It comes as no surprise that Hillary Clinton has the highest percentage of voters who view her unfavourably of all the three major candidates. A prerequisite of civil political discourse is the presumption of decency one imputes to political opponents. It is hard to forget the "vast right wing conspiracy" cited by Hillary in one interview concerning her husband's legal difficulties.
The displeasure of the Clinton White House with talk radio was well known. In the aftermath of the Oklahoma bombing, Bill Clinton blamed talk radio for creating the political climate that led to the bombing. Even his supporters were stunned that he could inject partisan politics into an atmosphere of united national mourning.
Democratic allies of Clinton such as Diane Feinstein and John Kerry are known to support the "Fairness Doctrine." which would force radio stations through government regulation to present opposing viewpoints. To an unlettered layman, these complaints about "fairness" sounded like a whine from sour grapes. Between cable , satellite and the internet, citizens of free countries have unlimited access to the full spectrum of political opinion in a multitude of variations. Those of us who value free speech detected an Orwellian stench to Democratic "newspeak" about fairness.
Both Clinton and Obama have gotten kid glove treatment from the major networks and the large newspapers, who are obsessed with putting either a woman or an African American in the White House. With all of their preoccupation with first woman president versus first Black president we are looking at a discussion of national issues that has all of the gravitas of a student council election in middle school.
It is hard for me to be sad about the bickering among the Democrats. The American people deserve to hear the emptiness of their "debate" and the low opinion they both seem to have of the electorate. The major networks seem to hand them nothing but easy questions. In the interest of "fairness" , we need talk radio and the internet to keep them honest. Sphere: Related Content

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