Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Concerning the Abuyudaya

In the world are a few groups with no known Jewish bloodline who became devout in their attempts to recreate Jewish observance The Italian Jews who came from San Nicandro, in Southern Italy started converting in 1943, when half of Italy was under German occupation. They now live in Israel.
The other group is the Abuyudaya of Uganda who are traced as an identifiable faith community back to 1919. Under the regime of Idi Amin they endured torture, murder and forced conversion. They suffered for their belief in one G-d as have few believers. Their community can speak with truth of martydom from their ranks.
Although their devoutness is beyond reproach, the rabbinical court which performed the conversion of their community had affiliations with the Conservatives, a non Orthodox movement. I am hoping that an Orthodox Bet Din or rabbinical court will reach out to this wonderful community, who I consider to be role models of faith under adversity.
A group that works to assist the Abuyudaya and other far flung Jewish groups is Kulanu ,who I have linked at the bottom of this page.
I sincerely view the revival and reunion with the Abuyudaya and groups like them to be a part of the ingathering of exiles that willprecede the messianic redemption. I am calling attention to this group that is in my prayers for their sake and for the sake of the completeness of the Jewish people.
Please click on the link below to visit kulanu, and clicl on the title to this post to view a history of the Abuyudaya that I have reprinted.
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