Friday, March 28, 2008


I tried to view the movie "Fitna" on line, going to a website that had offered the movie. The site had offered the video for public viewing. In response to credible death threats against their staff, they removed Fitna from their website. The movie cites chapters and verses of the Koran that could be construed as inciting violence against non-Muslims. The angry protests against the release of this movie in Holland seem to vindicate the criticisms voiced in the film.
There is a large Muslim minority in Holland that wields considerable power. The Netherlands has legalised euthanasia, or so called mercy killing. How many lives could Dutch Muslims have saved if they had protested Dutch policies concerning euthanasia, which is against Islamic law? Is not the murder of those created in G-d's image at least as much of an affront to Islam as criticism of the Koran? I am disappointed, shocked and disgusted at this selective indignation. A religion evolves in response to such legitimate criticism of its excesses. The so called indignation of so called Muslim extremists is too selective to be anything but political. As a gesture of protest, I am showing on this post from liveleak announcing the movie's withdrawal from its site.
For now, you can watch the entire ten minute film on You Tube.
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