Thursday, March 6, 2008

Josef Stalin 1879 - 1953..... Burn in Hell !!!

Yesterday was the Anniversary of the death of Josef Stalin. In the case of ordinary people, we observe the anniversary of death as marking the time of their ascent to a higher world. In the case of the cursed Josef Stalin, his death is itself a cause for joy, an end to the twenty five year plague of his rule in the former USSR.
Stalin never received as harsh a verdict from history as he deserved. The death toll of his purges is generally agreed to be in the tens of millions. If you add the Ukrainian famine caused by his forced collectivisation campaign in 1931 and 1932, you have another three million people.
In Brooklyn, I have met and heard of relatives of Jews killed for their practice of and propagation of Judaism. Needless to say, there are many Christians with similar stories.
The infamous treaty of friendship between Germany and the USSR gave Germany the cover it needed to consolidate its gains in Europe. Jews and others who fled to the Soviet half of occupied Poland were imprisoned as enemy aliens in Siberia. I knew of one such "enemy" who was six years old at the time of his deportation. He met in Siberia in 1939 White Russians who had been imprisoned since the end of the Russian Civil War in 1921.
Soviet communists were quick to preach about America's very real racial injustices, but they were ruthless with their own ethnic minorities. The entire Crimean Tatar population was deported to the Soviet far east because of Stalin's distrust of them.
The Soviet answer to Zionism, established in 1928 was Birobidzhan, out near Mongolia and known as the Jewish Autonomous Region, which was meant to address the anomaly of Soviet Jews being a nationality with no territory of its own. During Stalin's rule, the Yiddish books in the Birobidzhan capitol public library were purged. Those Yiddish books and newspapers that were printed by the communist regime used an orthography and vocabulary that severely weakened the ties of Soviet Yiddish to Hebrew. Repeated purges in the Jewish Autonomous Region reduced Jews to about 5% of the population.
In 1953, at the time of the infamous Doctor's Plot, public hatred was being whipped up against Jewish doctors, who had falsely been accused of poisoning communist leaders. The plan had been to incite pogroms and have Jewish leaders beg for "resettlement" in Birobidzhan "for their own safety". Fortunately, Stalin's death interrupted his paranoia fueled plans.
Probably the most truthful words ever spoken of Stalinism were spoken between 1939 and 1941, when Soviet propaganda stressed the similarity between Germany's National Socialism and the Soviet Union's international socialism. Although intended to mobilise the Soviet masses in favour of German Soviet Friendship, they stated a basic truth that is obvious to any laymen not blinded by political ideology.
The platitudes and slogans of communism are enchantingly beautiful to a true believer. And like many idols, communism demanded human sacrifice on a scale so massive as to dwarf the offerings of the world's heathen temples.
Stalin and Stalinism brought massive suffering to millions of people. He was, more importantly, like Hitler a catalyst for orchestrating dark and destructive strains in the collective psyche of his country into a viable threat.
On the anniversary of Stalin's death it is fitting that we be vigilant in our generation against anyone so in love with a social vision that they would kill anyone who would stand in its way. Sphere: Related Content

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