Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rudi Stettner's Searcher Prize

All You Zombies, by the Hooters was a big hit in 1985. Once in a while, a song makes it to the top of the charts that reflects a spiritual hunger. One of Us, by Joan Osbourne was such a song, and the Hooter's song is another. I interpret the reference to zombies as referring to a state of being spiritually asleep. The song refers to Moses and Noah , who each had some contact with G-d that they to varying degrees relayed to the people of their time. The song seems to end on a note of hope in a future revelation that will restore a state of spiritual awareness.My internal stream of imagery that accompanies this song is at some variance with this video, which is somewhat jarring, particularly at the end. Both the video and the song seem to question the complacency of day to day existence. I never like to complain about bad music I like to laud those trends and individual songs that I feel are on the right track. With this song, the Hooters really hit a home run, winning my prize for music that gives voice to spiritual yearning.

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