Monday, March 17, 2008

The Survival of French in North America

The original French settlers in North America were not Parisian. As a result, the French spoken in Quebec and Louisiana went in a different direction. In Quebec, it is going very strong. Because of its supression for years in Louisiana, efforts to preserve it today face far greater difficulties than in Quebec, where it has for years enjoyed state sponsorship.
When visiting Quebec two years ago, I was struck by the contrast between the geographic continuity of the landscape ant the sharp transition to being immersed in French. I have tolerated my American English being disparaged by those who had probably gotten a B- in their British English class. I reflected on the country cousin status accorded North American French and English and came home with a defiant sense of hemispheric solidarity. I believe that those willing to blaze a path in the new world brought with them a certain vigour that enriched life in this Hemisphere. I have , thank G-d collected a lot of Quebecois music. Please click on the title to this post to enjoy a folk selection. Sphere: Related Content

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