Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Vaclav Havel Great President of a Small Country

Vaclav Havel paid a heavy price for his opposition to the communist puppet regime in his country. Because he suffered from respiratory illness, the communist regime put him to work in prison boiler rooms and other places that would, they hoped kill him.
It is an easy trap for a dissident who achieves power to become a mirror image of his predecessors. For years, Ayatollah Khomeinei was a dissident and social critic living in Paris. When he seized power, the infamous Evin prison in Teheran remained a place where political dissidents languished, albeit with a different label.
Havel always was concerned with the internal struggle of humanity. In a sense, a political climate created by a system was a backdrop of the inner self. He did not demonise the old regime, but asked of himself and others to what extent they had internalised an oppressive ideology.
The implications of his writings and thoughts extend far beyond the borders of his geographically small country. The return to democracy in Czechoslovakia, now the Czech and Slovak Republics respectively, was among the smoother transitions from communist to democratic rule. It is an interesting question how much their leaders are to be thanked for this and how much credit goes to the people.
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