Monday, March 31, 2008

Yesterday Communism, Today Expansionist Islam

Until the late 1980s, the ideological contest playing itself out on the world stage was communism versus capitalism. Today,communism is largely defeated. Even in China it has mutated into state capitalism with a thin communist veneer.
For Americans, communists were over there, and we were over here. The Russians and the Chinese touched America mainly through front groups and tiny political parties that they subsidised. Those who came from communist countries were refugees who were disenchanted with the communist system. Communist countries bought grain from America but did not invest in our country.
Islamic fundamentalism aspires to "bury" the west in much the same manner as Kruschchev boasted to Nixon in the famous "kitchen debate". The logistics of their struggle are far different. Those who emigrate from Islamic countries have come to Europe in massive numbers and to America in numbers that are increasing. They come not as refugees but with economic aspirations. Muslims from Islamic countries are not motivated to come to America by disenchantment with their political system at home.Many do not want to fit in but look down on the host country, be it the U.S.A., France or Holland.
The U.S.S.R. fought a war by proxy with America in Vietnam, but they never mounted an attack on American soil.Islamic fundamentalists did attack us on our own soil on 9/11. America's enemies today immigrate to America, rent apartments, come to university and get jobs here. The struggle is direct and personal. The groups that are subsidising the spread of Islam have a militant and militaristic view of its spread. Just as there are peaceful and hateful forms of Christianity, there is peaceful and hateful Islam. Just as Christianity in Nazi Europe was dominated by those ecclesiastical authorities who had cut deals with Naziism, militant Islam is the loudest and most feared voice in Islam internationally. Like European Christians, moderate muslims are cowed into silence by those who have shown their eagerness to shed the blood of "infidels" in the advancement of their cause.
America has a geographical barrier against the expansionism of militant Islam that Europe lacks. We have an ocean between us and the Arab world. With Mexico, however, we share a porous border that we have not shown the will to secure. The security implications are obvious. Mexico and the U.S.A. have the widest income disparity of any two adjacent nations in the entire world. This has brought new life to old historical grudges between the two countries. Indeed, some Mexican immigrants refer to the wave of immigration as "la reconquista" or the reconquest. Along with many who simply want a better life for their impoverished families in Mexico are arriving terrorists from overseas whose motives are malevolent
We need to be honest with ourselves about the new threats facing America and the strategies we will need to develop in facing them. To survive these new challenges , we must first recognise them.
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