Friday, April 25, 2008

America's Modern Day Loan Sharks Stooping to New Lows

I have all too often had to speak with "relationship specialists" and customer service representatives about my credit cards. We have a very cordial relationship I put my credit card wallet on the table as I do my business by phone. That little wallet is like my good buddy. He'll always wait another month for me to pay him back. I call him Max.
If you are a day late a couple of times a year, the credit card company can raise your interest to as high as 34%. When I was young, we used to call that loansharking. The "relationship specialist" who discussed our cash flow problems with us had a way of talking with his hands when making a point. It was very persuasive. He made a nice living. And he lived close by.
I 'm not worried about my" relationship specialist" knocking on my door at one A.M. Half of the time he lives in India. He also makes a good living off of my usurious debts. He might make about $100.00 a week. At least the old loan shark paid his brass knuckles man a decent wage. Now the banks are "outsourcing" all these jobs to countries that pay their workers a fraction of American wages. From tech support to customer service, the companies that take our hard earned money won't even let us work off our debt to them. Did you ever wonder why an ATM machine , that automates a lot of work once done by humans charges as much as $2.00 a transaction? I'd rather tip the teller.
There are ways to develop an industrial base in developing countries that would not pit workers on different continents against each other. There should be hefty taxes on those big corporations that are shipping the jobs overseas. The old loan sharks were at least honest about what they were. The new ones are sinking our country. If they keep stressing me out, I'll have to make an appointment with a relationship specialist.
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Findalis said...

Outsourcing is the bane of my existence. In the last 15 years I've been outsourced 5 times. At least this last time I was able to take the early retirement instead of just unemployment.

Still unemployed and can't find work, but getting a check each month as retirement.