Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Assyrian "Alap Beet"

In a world that has industrialised murder, in an age when one ethnic group after another seems to be under murderous attack, hope seems to be hard to come by.
When I look at family photos, I try to discern a resemblance between the various people standing in the pictures. Although relationships within a photograph may be thorny and complex, there is an ordered quality to the faces herded into neat rows by the unseen photographer. The shadow of generations unseen seeps into a picture as recollections are passed around along with the pictures.
In examining the relationship between languages through linguistics and etymology I have a similar feeling of consanguinity and ties of marriage vying with evolving grudges and rivalries. Just as the photos provide an ordered place of refuge, so too do linguistic charts and cognate words provide a fraternal sense that is often endangered in our age.
I view the semitic languages like brothers in a portrait, frozen on paper and silenced from their loud discord by the photographer. I would dearly love to transport this ordered quality to the rush of daily life. Perhaps it will happen in our lifetime....
From my one of my favourite websites I have taken a video by the Ashoor Drama Group titled" Alap Beet" It is of course about learning the alphabet of the Assyrian language. Those familiar with either Hebrew or Arabic will experience flashes of recognition in listening to this beautiful song. Please do extend the beauty of this experience by visiting an amazing website.(linked below)
http://www.learnassyrian.com/home.html Sphere: Related Content

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P.S Bahi said...

Thanks for posting my dad's video. God bless =)

Peter Samir Bahi