Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Barack Obama Calling For Talks With Iran



Presidential contender Barack Obama has called for a "diplomatic surge" that should in his opinion include talks with Iran. Combined with his call for a timetable for withdrawal, Obama's latest public statement does not create an image of his foreign policy that is either coherent or resolute.
Top level Iranians are defecting to the west , bringing with them extensive information about Iran's efforts to destabilise the middle east, and to aid North Korea's military program.(see links at the top of this page). Even countries that are at war have discreet contacts concerning matters that do not adversely affect their security. Humanitarian visas, special exceptions to trade embargoes and low level diplomatic contacts are routine. Great effort goes into maintaining the low "temperature" of a conflict.
Not only is Iran's nuclear program a threat to regional and world peace, but also its aid to sympathetic warlords in Iraq. It has fomented unrest in Lebanon and Israel as well. These activities of Iran have added to instability in the entire mid-east as well as bled hundreds of millions of dollars from economic, social and infrastructural development in Iran. There have been open demonstrations of opposition, especially among Iran's non Iranian minorities, who comprise about 49% of Iran's population. They are far from happy about Ahmadinejad's costly adventures and rhetoric.
It is common for presidential aspirants to get information about foreign policy that is not readily available to common citizens. Obama's latest pronouncements about Iran bespeak a certain naivete about the proper balance of force and diplomacy. The longer the presidential campaign lasts, the more mystified I am by the flow of votes and campaign dollars that are coming Obama's way.
Obama seems to want nothing so much as to be president. His vision and program seem to be nonexistent. Even if he does not know what he wants for America, I am sure that his backers have a clear agenda and objectives.
It must be very hard for America's enemies to fear and respect us when the Democratic opposition is so vocally against our current foreign policy.
There was a presidential election during World War Two in 1944. In a celebration of our systemic resilience , it was not postponed. History has recorded the Republican opposition as having left no doubt as to their full support of America's war effort. Our axis enemies derived no solace from the debate of the Democrats and the Republicans about America and the world's future. There was no hope in Berlin or Tokyo that Thomas Dewey would offer the axis a "new deal"
In deciding our future, we should study the lessons of the 1944 presidential elections in setting the tone for 2008. We owe this to those who have paid the ultimate price in this war. And we owe it to ourselves
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