Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bloomberg Pushes for Solar Energy

Mayor Bloomberg has pushed for the installation of solar panels in city owned buildings. The electricity could then be purchased and resold. This idea would cut down on the city's dependence on foreign oil and create a means of tapping renewable energy sources.
There are home owners who would like a supplement or even an alternative to Con Edison. If Mayor Bloomberg wanted to touch the lives of homeowners with his ideas about renewable energy, he could encourage wind and solar power on private property through information and tax breaks.Those who have even partially used alternative sources of energy are often pleased with their creativity and resourcefulness paying off in savings. Ordinary citizens can do what Mayor Bloomberg is proposing. If he were to make available to private citizens a portion of the city's purchasing power for energy saving projects, it would be good for homeowners and the city
New York has led the nation in dropping crime, and we could also set an example in energy conservation.
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