Friday, April 25, 2008

Coal Shortage In China, A Crisis and an Oppportunity

According to an article on,China's burgeoning industrial sector has outstripped China's coal supply to the point that their reserves are sufficient for about twelve days. Coal exports were suspended for two months back in January when about ninety power plants had been shut down.
A situation has evolved in which power shortages are a regular occurrence. China continues to struggle to provide enough coal to keep up with its dizzying industrial progress.
What has not been discussed yet is the possibility of coal imports from the United States. This would go a long way towards correcting our lopsided trade imbalance with China, and probably shore up our shaky dollar as well. This is the first piece of news to come out of China that is of good for American workers. I hope that America and China will act in their mutual interests in the field of energy supply. Both need to be in economic good health to be of benefit to each other. Sphere: Related Content

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