Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Fair Deal For New York's Finest
New York City police are finally getting the respect they deserve.... Out of town.
According to a New York Daily News article, New York City offers $25,100.00 starting salary for a rookie police officer.Washington State is offering $48,715.00 a year.And San Jose offers a starting salary of $70,037.00
New York City police start the job with superior training and a range of experience and opportunities that make them a valuable asset on any police force. The size of the NYPD rivals that of the army of some small countries. Even with the reduction in crime , all too many have paid the ultimate price for the risks they take every day on behalf of the citizenry. America's free market economy has called attention to the value of the NYPD, according them the recognition denied by our city legislature.
It does not bring honour to our city to treat our police so shabbily. Means must be found to extend to them the recognition they now find elsewhere. This drain oflaw enforcement talent from our city is hurting all of us. And it's our fault. Sphere: Related Content

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