Wednesday, April 23, 2008

False Report Triggered Raid on Mormon Polygamists

The mystery caller who triggered the raid on the Texas Mormon polygamist's ranch has not been positively identified. According to an article in the Rocky Mountain News, the call in which abuse was alleged at the YFZ ranch came from a number belonging to a Colorado woman with an alleged history of filing false reports of abuse with law enforcement.
Rozita Swinton of Colorado Springs, Colorado has been declared a "person of interest" in the YFZ ranch case. The article in the Rocky Mountain news details a series of calls to law enforcement allegedly made by Swinton in which she allegedly reported an abusive pastor, an abusive father and a case in which she allegedly reported being locked in her basement by her father. All of the reports were found to be spurious. Swinton is still being sought by police for questioning in the case.
So now over four hundred children have been taken from their homes in a massive denial of due process triggered by a false report. Who is representing the parents and children in this gross miscarriage of justice? The state of Texas is putting itself in a precarious legal position if any of the children come to harm in state custody.
The families at the YFZ ranch should be reunited. If there is to be an investigation of the compound, it should occur while the families are together and represented by legal counsel.
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Findalis said...

What was a fake call may have saved many children from harm.

No matter what religion you are, a girl of 13 is a child. She isn't a wife, a toy, an object of sexual desire. She should be nurtured and loved. Not subject to sexual abuse by a man who calls himself his husband.

Magdeburger Joe said...

I agree with you. The FLDS has cut a swath of destruction. The boys who have been excommunicated to widen the market for the old men as well as abused girls who have left the group provide a legal handle for civil and criminal redress. Law badly interpreted can come back to haunt you later. I believe our difference is one of legal strategy.
Magdeburger Joe

Hugh McBryde said...

It turns out that the author "Kate Rosemary" is both Vice President of the PUBLISHING company that published the books, and author as well, her real name is "Mary Catharine Nelson" and she stand (potentially) to make a tidy sum of money if she has the rights to the story. She has made a non disclosure agreement with David W. Powell, the attorney representing Rozita Swinton that smacks of "BOOK DEAL." Everything you know about Rozita that isn't from her arrest record comes through this extremely impeachable source.