Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hope In Zimbabwe

If reports coming out of Zimbabwe are to be believed, the brave electorate of this tormented country may have bought peace for their country by voting Robert Mugabe's ZANU PF party out of power. Despite threats of retaliation from Mugabe's government, Movement for Democratic Change supporters have made public the observations of their poll watchers that Robert Mugabe has been defeated. Mugabe supporters have privately confirmed the contentions of the MDC.
Zimbabwe is widely reputed to have the worst economy in the world. Its inflation rate of 11000 percent is the highest in the world. The country can not feed itself. At dinner parties of the middle class, a loaf of bread or litre of milk is treasured as would be a bottle of fine wine elsewhere.
Opposition candidates were forced to eat their own campaign posters. In every respect, Zimbabwe is in dire straits.
The latest good news gives the international community an opportunity to help a country that has finally found the means to help itself. Hopefully, the latest news represents the end of a long cold night for this tortured land.
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