Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have never been able to just laugh at a joke. I always ask myself why a joke is funny to me. It's a blessing and a curse, because sometimes its good to just kick back and laugh, but I have come to enjoy the internal dialogue.
My spotlight of introspection just shifted over to one of my favourite singers in the English language, Billy Joel. There are three songs he did which really move me and in my opinion express the feeling of my generation. (The decade after WW2) "We Didn't Start The Fire is such a rapid fire stream of images spanning a generation that each time listening to the song involves a different stream of mental imagery.
Allentown and Alexa both express different facets of post World War Two disillusionment. Some view the fifties and early sixties as a time of growth and opportunity, when America's sun was rising. Both songs talk about diminishing opportunities and changing times making life more of a struggle than ever before. Although "Alexa" is from the 1980s it is more relevant than ever today. Both songs are excellent musically. The versatility of Billy Joel never ceases to amaze me. I chose to present the "Alexa" video from You Tube because I feel that the video is among the best ever made.
If you are wondering why I am presenting a song that is almost 20 years old, it is because of its pressing relevance today. I am careful not to keep old food in my refrigerator. But a good song never spoils. That is why I am in no great hurry to listen to the newest music.
In order to come up with solutions, you have to identify the problems. Some of Billy Joel's music does just that.
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