Monday, April 7, 2008

Israeli Government Minister Warns Iran

In extremely blunt language, National Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer issued a tough warning to Iran about its government's plan to destroy Israel.
"An Iranian attack against Israel would trigger a tough reaction that would lead to the destruction of the Iranian nation,"Mr. Ben Eliezer is quoted as saying.
Although this is a welcome breath of fresh air in the annals of public discourse, the steady stream of rocket attacks on S'derot and other towns bordering Gaza is a real and present threat. While the words of Israel's enemies should be taken seriously, it seems escapist to ignore the steady stream of rocket attacks and acts of anti-Jewish hatred that threaten Israelis on a daily basis. Mr. Ben Eliezer's spirit of toughness, is likely to be criticised by those who will always criticise Israel. If this spirit of sanity returns to the mainstream of Israeli political discourse, it will, if followed up by concrete measures save and enrich both Arab and Jewish lives. Sphere: Related Content

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