Monday, April 28, 2008

Hamas Propaganda (From You Tube and Memri)

It is helpful to know what psychological preparations the Palestine Authority is making on a mass level for the two state future so aggressively being pursued by the EU and the US. The freely elected government headed by Hamas now controls Palestine Authority TV. With pop songs and children's shows gleefully extolling "Jewish body parts in black bags" on state sponsored TV it is safe to say that Israel does not have a "partner for peace." Lest it be said that this song is private venting among Arabs, it should be noted that the song is in Hebrew. It is a clear message from our "peace partners".
To tell Israelis to trust such a government is to knowingly put them in harm's way. The Palestinian suffering so indignantly laid at the foot of the Israelis is better blamed on those who do their best to wipe out their natural trading partner. Those who invest money that should feed their people on war have themselves to blame. Those who tell us to trust a Hamas or Fatah government are not "honest brokers" but accomplices. The weapons paid for with with American money and given to the Palestine authority are used to kill Jews because they are Jews. Hamas should be credited with honesty. They facilitate terrorism. They publicly applaud it. They compose a song in Hebrew for their Jewish enemies. Israel knows what it must do Let no one say otherwise. Sphere: Related Content

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JEWESS said...

this brought tears to my eyes. How can we let these people live in our Holy Land? They even have their children marching to this song. It's terrible! And what was this thing about dedicating the video to palestinians and arabs in SWEDEN?