Friday, April 18, 2008

Jimmy Carter : Subversive or a Useful Idiot?

The American State Department offers some protection to those traveling abroad who run afoul of local legal systems or who get sick abroad. On rare occasions the government can revoke the passport of someone whose activities abroad are injurious to America's interests . Paul Robeson actually had his passport revoked diring the 1950's because of his friendliness to the Soviet Union. Robeson's passport revocation seems to have been a clear case of stifling free speech. It is not likely that he was in possession of any state secrets or intended to mobilise violent action against the United States government. Though sympathetic to the U.S.S.R. he was not an agent of that government.
Jimmy Carter is a different matter altogether. He has consistantly tried to undercut the foreign policy of sitting presidents. Although superficially, this is a free speech issue, as a former president, Carter probably has access to state secrets through his existing contacts in government. Revoking his passport as has been suggested by some, would be a last resort that should only be invoked if he is determined to have breached America's security. Despite this , his contacts with terrorist organisations should be investigated and monitored. If he is merely a "useful idiot" , then it would be better for public opinion and posterity to put his ongoing scold in the trash bin of history where it belongs. But there is every reason to monitor Carter's activities for evidence of him endangering national security. It is a pity that a former president invites such suspicion. But he has brought it on himself
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Anonymous said...

One mans rebel is always another mans freedom fighter. I can see u r of Jewish sect, we understand your side of the story too. Jimi is only trying to find Peace and Justice for U & ME.
one love