Monday, April 7, 2008

The Mandaean Associations Union Denounces the Killing of 9 Mandaean Women and Children.

The Mandaean Associations Union denounces the heinous murder of 9 Mandaeans in Al-Kut City in Iraq on the 26th of March 2008. The victims were women and children of two families residing in the city.

This crime is the latest crime is the series of crimes against the peaceful and innocent people of Iraq. The Sabian Mandaeans are the most peaceful people of Iraq. Their love for peace, religion and living in dignity is costing them their homeland, their past and future. The Mandaeans are forced to leave their country in the thousands to save their lives and their children's lives. This crime is only an example of what is happening for those who chose to stay.

We ask of all honest Iraqis to help stop these crimes against the Sabian Mandaeans by all means available to them.
We ask the Iraqi government, The American government and the international organizations to investigate this crime and punish the perpetrators.

The Mandaean Associations Union
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