Sunday, April 27, 2008

Obama Refuses To Debate Clinton

In a clear display of reluctance to face voters, presidential contender Barack Obama has refused to face his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton before the upcoming Indiana primary. In our times, television and radio provide important opportunities to observe those who aspire to public office. A speech is a good chance to showcase charisma and oratorical skills, categories in which Barack Obama is given high marks.
Debating shows a different range of thinking skills. It shows the ability to think on ones feet and the ability to present ones ideas to a hostile audience. The morning after the November election, America is going to have a large minority that will be unhappy with the choice of the majority. Our next President will have to persuade his or her opponents to rally behind his or her program. An adversarial forum is a good place to showcase this talent. If Obama insists on sticking to managed photo opportunities and refuses to debate Clinton, I will have to assume that he lacks a crucial range of the skills needed to be president. I hope Barack Obama reconsiders. As of now, he has lost a debate that never took place. And it's all his fault. Sphere: Related Content

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Findalis said...

After his last debate I can understand why. He looked like a deer in headlights. He's afraid of it again.

If he's so scared of Clinton, just wait until John McCain gets a hold of him. Deer in headlights won't be the word. Crucified will be a better term then.