Sunday, April 13, 2008

Slavery Today

It is an enduring misconception that slavery is a thing of the past. Although slavery is legally abolished in America, cases come to light in which illegal immigrants are forced into defacto slavery to pay off usurious debts. These debts are most often to the smugglers, who coerce compliance with threats to the family back home.
Outside America, human beings are bought and sold into various forms of slavery. From Sudan and Mauritania, where one can purchase a human being for less than the cost of a cheap television, to India and Pakistan where a hundred dollar debt is enough to chain an entire family for generations, servitude is alive and well.
The American Anti Slavery Group is trying to educate the public and eradicate the blight of modern day bondage. Their haunting slogan is "Slavery isn't history." They have an extensive website that educates the reader and facilitates involvement. The lives of millions are circumscribed by the parameters of involuntary servitude. They receive far to little attention or assistance.
The Anti Slavery website is worth more than a visit. They deserve support and attention. I am putting their link below and on my permanent list of favorite links . They deserve your support.
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