Monday, April 7, 2008

Violence Against Mandaeans in Iraq Continues

As reported earlier on, the Mandaeans are a gnostic sect that is native to Iran and Iraq. Their liturgical language is a dialect of Aramaic. They are monotheistic and accept no converts, Only those born to two Mandaean parents can be Mandaean. They are pacifists. In short, there is nothing threatening about them. They should be eligible for the Dhimmi status under Islamic law that provides non Islamic minorities with government protection.
Unfortunately murder, forced conversions and attacks against their women and children have forced them to flee the countries that have been the home of their faith and way of life for millenia.
The war in Iraq has upset the delicate balance that protected Iraq's non Muslim minorities. In the case of Mandaeans, the continuity of their existence itself is threatened. Although some have been taken in by Sweden, Australia and Canada, more help is needed. As can be seen in the press statement that follows this news article, every day that the plight of this helpless minority is ignored is a day that lives are in danger. I am putting a link to their organisation at the bottom of this article so that those who wish to support and help them can contact them.
A peaceful world in which all may approach their Creator in the manner dictated by their conscience is something for which we all should strive. Let us not be silent about the plight of the Mandaeans
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