Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wal-Mart drops effort to recover money from Jackson family's trust fund

According to the South East Misourian, the Walmart health plan has dropped its infamous lawsuit against former Wal-Mart employee Debbie Shank. After the Supreme Court found no legal grounds to challenge Walmart's heartless action, the court of public opinion was quick to deliver its stinging verdict. Although the Shank family was resigned to turning over the entire trust fund to the Wal-mart empire, it became clear that it was necessary to head off a public relations disaster.
Much good has come out of the Shank family's ordeal. It has shined light on the harsh conditions endured by American workers workers as we move deeper into the twenty first century. Additionally, the precarious state of American public health care now has a human face. The most valuable lesson is that the American people have leverage against the corporate giants. Do not go home to sleep after this fight. Through talk shows, through the blogosphere, through calls to corporations, we do have a voice. We have economic power We can spend our money supporting socially responsible capitalists and punishing corporate greed. When you buy a pair of shoes, make sure that they support the workers and not just your arches.
Thank G-d that the Shank family can enjoy some peace in their troubled lives. They have taught us a valuable set of lessons in their struggle. We must be thankful.
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