Thursday, April 10, 2008

What Would You Do?

As America faces the real threat of terrorism on its own soil, we are faced with a balancing act. On the one hand we must seek out those who would use America's freedoms to plot its destruction. At the same time, we must never fall prey to the temptation to blame and harm the innocent who might in appearance remind us of the real enemy.
The best portrayal I have ever seen of this very real danger was on an Orthodox Jewish Website,, which departed from its usual repertoire of family friendly comedy to tackle the very real problem of anti Arab bigotry and our willingness to oppose it in our daily lives .
Orthodox Jews, like Muslims express their ethnic and religious identity through distinctive attire. America was founded by varying waves of colonists, some of whom were organised groups of religious dissidents such as Puritans and Quakers. It is central to America's identity as a nation that this freedom be extended to all who come and respect America's laws.
Here in Brooklyn, Jews and Muslims coexist peacefully. It is critical to me as a Jew and an American to preserve for others the peace and freedom that have been so important to Jewish survival. I am grateful to for presenting the above video. I urge you to click on the link below to visit the Jewlarious site.
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