Wednesday, May 7, 2008

America !!! Learn from New York City !!!!

In 1989 Mayor Ed Koch was finishing his the last term of his overrated mayoral service. Rudy Giuliani headed the Republican ticket. David Dinkins was the Democratic candidate for mayor. Dinkins was a pleasant man, who was never accused by anyone of being charismatic. When he was delivering his victory speech, I fell asleep early in his address, considering it a good omen for peace in the city. Dinkins had promised to be the toughest mayor ever on crime.
I was a conservative ideologue and very cool to New York City Republicans, who like the Christian Democrats in the former East Germany functioned as a shadow party with no real power and no substantial differences with the ruling clique. As a gesture, I voted for Right to Life candidate whose name did not matter to me then or now. I considered an honest liberal to be preferable to Giuliani who in my opinion was a donkey in elephant's clothing.
Many speak of the crime under Dinkins, but where I lived, the open drug dealing, the nightly gun fire and aggressive vagrants were as much as feature of the Koch administration as they were under Dinkins. Though Koch was famous for asking "How'm I doing?" he never waited for an answer. He was gratuitously insulting to Lubavitcher Chassidim among whom I lived, and tone deaf to African American sensitivities and concerns. I do not believe he was racist, but simply prejudiced against anyone who was not Ed Koch.
I was living in Crown Heights during the entire 1991 riots, and watched a brick crash through my bedroom window. The police on the street watched rioters walk away without doing a thing. The 911 operator seemed as bored with my call as I was with Dinkin's inaugural speech.
The morning after my windows were broken, I sat on my front steps with a quart of beer to calm my frazzled nerves and a Daily News that frazzled them yet further. The editorial page piously declared that New Yorkers had to seek the root causes of the riots. Giuliani did not wait to test the political winds. In a statement that could have been used to defend Blacks in the Jim Crow south, he said that it was wrong to attack people because of their ethnicity. He repeated this message before and during his electoral campaign two years later in 1993. This time, for the good of the city that was sinking in Dinkinsian squalour and suffering from an annual murder toll of over 2000, I voted for Giuliani. He was true to his word, and implemented law enforcement policies that started with graffiti and turnstile jumping and ended up cutting the murderrate to levels not seen since the 1950's. I still grated at his pronouncements about abortion and gay rights, as well as his blind eye to illegal immigrants, but enjoyed the calm and cleanliness of the streets. A most cursory examination of the numbers shows that the majority of lives saved in crime reduction were African American and Hispanic. Unfortunately, he did not revitalise the Republican Party in the city, but left a lasting lesson and legacy.
Clinton or Obama, will face John McCain, who I distrust for the same reasons I distrusted Giuliani in his first term. I have little doubt that Dinkinsian dysfunction in 1990s New York City would pale in comparison to the perils of an Obama nation. His friends and allies, his manifest naivete and his stated beliefs would be as injurious to the country as David Dinkins and his role model John Lindsay were to New York. He Obama, unlike Dinkins leaves no doubt about what course his administration would take. I see myself faced with the same type of choice in 2008 as I was in 1993. It is for this reason that I am supporting John McCain and urge all to do likewise for the good of our country
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Findalis said...

I quit the Democratic Party 2 years ago and now am Independent voter. I'm supporting the only candidate with integrity and moral candor: John McCain. The more I read about him, the more I like him. He doesn't give platitudes or stump speeches. He is a plain person, humble, and very intelligent. He will make an excellent President.