Tuesday, May 20, 2008

America's second Thoughts About Obama (with a Video)

There are plenty of reasons to be wary of the prospect of an Obama Nation. America is a country that is a country that is a beacon of hope to a world that has shed rivers of blood in endless ethnic strife. A day does not pass without my silently thanking my grandparents for coming to America from Croatia, a country with a record of bloody contention with its neighbours and a disgraceful record during World War Two towards its Jewish and Serbian minorities. America has struggled to widen its circle of opportunity to all of its citizens. Racist sentiments are banished from polite company.
Obama is far too ambivalent about America's role as a world power. Both he and his outspoken wife could present the success of themselves and their families as the moral evolution of a nation. He could not have achieved his current national prominence without the support of white voters.Despite this, he and his wife present a gloomy picture of America as it is.
Proper social criticism requires not only a list of ones shortcomings but also an inventory of one's strengths. Obama is sorely lacking in the balance required to render fitting criticism. As middle class citizens of colour, both Obama's have a distinct perspective that deserves a voice. Despite this, they present their lives as far more a struggle against a racist society than was actually the case. As well paid and prominent professionals, their high profile in society is really the fruit of generations of hard work and good choices.
John Kennedy was the first Roman Catholic president of the United States. Anti Irish sentiment was rampant in the time of his parents and grandparents. He was however a child of privilege. He showed remarkable independence from a father with a well known record of virulent anti-semitism. His success was applauded by millions of Irish Americans as well as a matter of pride in a native son. Kennedy was not a poseur. He did not pretend to be from the Irish tenements. At peace with himself, he was a president of all Americans . It was a critical time in our history, when Americans of good will were struggling for civil rights for all citizens. He was president when Martin Luther King gave his "I have a dream " speech.
Barack Obama stands in notable contrast to Kennedy. His resentment never seems far from the surface. He and his wife share a distorted and two dimensional self image . It is impossible for me to believe that his minister for twenty years, Reverend Wright does not influence or reflect his thinking.
America shares Obama's desire to go beyond issues of colour. We have made major progress in doing this. We have a long way to go. I do not believe Barack Obama is the one who can lead us.

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I found this satirical video about Barack Hussein Obama on You Tube, done in a Dylanesque style. It captures the Dylan style and packs a nice message. I wonder how many Bob Dylan fans like me are not on the Obama bandwagon?


Please click on above link to view video

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