Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ben Ami Kadish, Why Now?

Our government has delivered an indictment of Ben Ami Kadish, 84 years old on charges of leaking information to Israel, a staunch ally of the United States. It is alleged that his Israeli handler was the same individual who (mis)handled Jonathan Pollard. The tone of breathless indignation with which Pollard and Kadish are mentioned is usually reserved for spies in the service of enemy powers. In the Pollard case , the real scandal was the failure of the United States to share with Israel information it had promised to provide for Israel's security.
The information about Kadish is not new. Why is it being brought up now? Could it be an attempt to prevent the release of Jonathan Pollard? I have noted over the years that a government seldom provides information to educate its citizens. Information is often leaked selectively to manipulate public opinion. I am very suspicious of the timing of this latest indictment of a man who by all accounts is in fragile health. This is a time when factions in the U.S. government want to put political pressure on Israel to cave into Arab demands for more concessions. It is hard not to view this most irregular case as an attempt to embarrass and pressure Israel at a difficult juncture. Israel has proven to be the most reliable ally in the entire Middle Eastern region. Despite this, our State Department, which at times functions like a government within a government treats Israel with far less respect than say Saudi Arabia, a country that has sent us expensive oil and suicide hijackers.
Countries that are allies have routinely spied on each other. It's called keeping an eye on your friends. Jonathan Pollard has served far more time than have spies for enemy powers. He should be pardoned. And Ben Ami should be left in peace. Sphere: Related Content

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Findalis said...

Simple. It's the Bush government trying to blackmail Israel into giving into the "Palestinians". And Olmert would give in if he could get it passed in the Knesset.