Thursday, May 29, 2008

Democratic Hypocrisy

Unless the Supreme Court steps in, it looks as though the people of Michigan and Florida will have their votes invalidated by the Democratic Party leadership. For the first four years of George W. Bush's presidency, the legitimacy of his election was impugned on the most questionable grounds. Ballots that were simply invalid were scrutinised for some reason to put them in the Democratic column . For whatever reason, the Democratic leadership is sold on Obama, regardless of what popular opinion may be.
Hillary took a big hit in the court of public opinion for an embroidered recollection of being under fire while visiting Bosnia in 1992. Now, it turns out that Barack HusseinObama claims that his great uncle was with troops that liberated Auschwitz in 1945. Since his mother was an only child, this seems highly unlikely that he even had a great uncle. It is even less likely that Obama had family members in the Red Army, which liberated Auschwitz in 1945.
The list of Obama's memory malfunctions grows by the day. He is getting very soft treatment by the media. You Tube and Google have a wealth of information for those who want to look up "Obama Scandal." It seems highly likely that his much touted superiority to Hillary in the scandal department is likely to evaporate under the spotlight of media scrutiny.
It is advisable to examine the public service record of someone who aspires to higher office. The Chicago news media has covered Obama's local career with a far more critical eye than the powder puff national coverage he has received.
I am not an ideological ally of Hillary Clinton. But it is only fair that both she and Obama should endure the same rigourous scrutiny. There is a biblical commandment not to even own faulty weights for use on a scale. The Democrats judge the Republicans according to a different standard than they use to judge themselves. Now they have dusted off that extra set of weights and thrown them on the scale to judge Hillary.
Any idea that the Democratic candidate for president was chosen in a transparent manner has gone out the window. It is fair to the American people that every vote in every state should be counted. The Democrats once said that. I believe that. Do the Democrats believe that? Sphere: Related Content

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