Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gay Marriage? Biblosexuals Unite!!!

The decision in California to give same sex marriages full legal standing is yet another case of legislating from the judicial bench. Now a couple "married" in California could possibly sue in another state to have their "marriage" recognised.
Additionally, religious denominations that oppose homosexuality might come under fire for "discrimination" for insisting upon adherence to their religious tenets.
I have a possible solution for this seemingly intractable dilemma. Since rights are being apportioned based on sexual preference, we have to adapt to the "new order" of our evolving libidocratic form of government. Those who adhere to scriptural law in areas of intimate behavior should declare themselves to be "biblosexual" or "biblo" for short. They should speak of the rampant ridicule of biblosexual behavior in the media and the numerous instances of biblosexuals being socially marginalised. (the way she drsses, She's GOT to be a biblosexual.)In New York, you have the Harvey Milk High School in Greenwich Village establishing a legal precedent for libidocratic school classification. Now Christian and Jewish schools can reclassify themselves as biblosexual schools. There is no doubt that both Christian and Jewish students suffer in mainstream schools if they adhere to biblosexual modes of behavior.If government funds are denied, parents can sue on grounds of sexual preference discrimination. This could also sidestep issues of church state separation until a more conservative supreme court has the opportunity to reinterpret this legal doctrine in a more flexible way.
There could even be biblosexual pride parades and hotlines for people from secular backgrounds who are afraid to "come out" about their newly discovered preference. Under our evolving libidocratic form of government, rights are apportioned according to sexual preference . The state of California can not deny the existence of "biblo" culture. They created the legal precedent. So biblosexuals unite!!! Claim your rights according to the New Order dictated by the California Supreme Court!!! Sphere: Related Content

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