Friday, May 9, 2008

German Court Rules That Muslim Girl Must Join Mixed Swimming Class

Tundra Tabloids has praised a German court for ruling against parents of a Muslim girl who asked that she be excused from mixed swimming classes for reasons of modesty. I disagree. Orthodox Jews have the same restrictions on mixed swimming. There are also some strict Christian denominations who frown on men and women swimming together as well. Some might be embarassed to swim in mixed company for reasons that have nothing to do with religion at all. If someone objects to swimming with someone not of their racial or religious group, the government should in no way accomodate it, but there should be room in society for differing types of religious observance.
There are issues where I could easily make common cause in America with religious Muslims, such as legalising government support for religious schools. A growing number of Muslims, like Orthodox Jews, want their own schools. I would welcome their support on this and possibly other issues. The quality of Muslim and Jewish life in Europe and America could be much improved if we could work together on issues of common concern. There have been times of harmonious Judaeo Islamic relations in the past. There is no reason that these times can not return.
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