Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In Praise of Uzi Ahron: Concerning Missionaries

Samurai Mohel made a lot of points with his article about burning copies of the New Testament in Or Yehuda.(See links above) There are many Jews who come to the Holy Land physically impoverished, psychologically vulnerable and illiterate about the Jewish Faith. All too frequently Christianity is falsely presented to them by missionaries offering material inducements to convert. Additionally, they falsely present Christianity not as a separate religion but a "completion" of Judaism. It is false advertising plain and simple. We must defend ourselves in the Holy Land without apology both spiritually and physically. There is a world of difference between stocking Christian literature in a general bookstore and prying on the vulnerabilities of new immigrants. G-d gave us the Holy Land and has saved us with many miracles. Perhaps the greatest of these miracles is being rescued from our own stupidity in negotiating with an an enemy who has declared its unabashed desire to destroy us. We should by all means thank those who support our right to live in our land without ulterior motive. But supporting Jewish rights to the Holy Land should not be a barter transaction in which we write off the Jewishly illiterate as a political trade off to the Christian missionaries.
Just as every inch of Jewish land is precious, so too is every Jewish soul. We should never have given up Jewish land to appease the nations and we should never ever give up Jewish souls. The right of return is a spiritual one as well. Every Jewish child young and old should have access to a Jewish education, to a place where he or she can learn of their birthright.
We should love and respect every person as a beloved child of our progenitor Noah. This love should not however be divorced from basic self respect. We should not be assisting missionaries in fishing for Jewish souls in exchange for their political support. That is simply spitting in G-d's face. Christians in Arab countries are facing pressure to convert to Islam or leave. A dignified trade off would be Jewish support for the civil rights of oppressed Christian minorities in exchange for their political support of a Jewish right to the Holy Land.
This clash with the missionaries is a wakeup call. We are losing even religious youth who due to abuse, domestic problems or learning disabilities are going to the secular world. We should listen to them and make a place for them. Every Jewish man woman and child should be offered a Right of Return that is spiritual as well as physical. Nothing less will suffice.

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I am dedicating the above video by Tom Petty to Deputy Mayor Uzi Ahron for standing his ground with the missionaries

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