Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Note To My Readers

More than three months have passed since and have been in operation. I always wanted to write for a periodical, and never had the chance. Now, by grace of G-d, the growth of blogging has enabled me to hire myself, albeit at a humbling (negative) salary.
I have received help from other bloggers and readers who have given me technical and editorial criticism. Others have posted information that has helped me in improving my sites and broadening my readership. Others have traded links with me. The Best Blog of the Day Award came fortuitously at a time when I was feeling discouraged about my work on these sites .None of my work would be possible without G-d's help and my wife's patient support.
A recurring criticism of both my sites is the difficulty in spelling their urls. Many have told me that and are difficult to spell. These names have sentimental meaning to me. My grandmother and my great uncle were born in Magdeburg and Stettin, respectively. My great uncle was a journalist whose incisive journalism earned him the ultimate tribute of sentence in Dachau, where he was killed. Writing under names that evoke their memories inspires me and evokes in me a sense of journalistic responsibility. For this reason, I will continue to maintain these urls.
Out of respect for my readership and because of a desire to increase it, I am opening an umbrella website called "". It will provide links to and as well as RSS feeds to the most recent stories. Occasionally, it will have announcements to readers. I chose the name because I enjoy riding my motorcycle in the winter. It has become in my mind a metaphor for staying a difficult course. This is something I aspire to in a journalistic and personal context.
Again, and will continue to be my urls. It will be for the convenience of my readership that I will maintain as an umbrella site. that you can link to, inform your friends about and use as a platform to jump back and forth between sites. I thank you, dear readers for your support and hope that " will prove "user friendly" to my readership.
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