Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obama Decares Israel Is a "Constant Sore"(with thanks to World Net Daily)

Presidential front runner Barack Hussein Obama has declared Israel to be a "constant wound" and a "constant sore" infecting U.S. foreign policy during an interview with the Atlantic Monthly. He expressed the belief that America's support of Israel was a source of constant irritation for those looking to attack the U.S.
Although Obama says nice things about the influence Israel has had on him, the shift from viewing Israel as a well placed and reliable ally to the status of world irritant would signal a disturbing shift in American policy if Obama were elected. If this is the way Obama talks before the November elections, I don't even want to think about what he would advocate if he were elected. With cabinet members from Jimmy Carter's cabinet, Jane Fonda and Hamas expressing their open support for Obama, it is clear what Jews and Israel could expect under an Obama administration. I am deeply offended that in a world that has seen famine in North Korea , millions of deaths in the Congo, genocide in Rwanda and Sudan, Barack Hussein Obama can find no greater "irritant" than the state of Israel. Mr. Obama seems to be determined to appease America's enemies with concessions that will never please them. His ill considered choice of words has a disturbing similarity to "Die Juden sindd unseren Ungluck". (The Jews are our misfortune")His attitudes towards foreign policy remind me of Neville Chamberlain and his infamous capitulation to Hitler in 1938. I am very interested in "peace in our time". That is why I believe that Barack Hussein Obama is bad for America.

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