Sunday, May 11, 2008

Questions about the Obamas

Before the Clintons came to the White House, First Ladies had a single issue to which they attracted attention with their derived celebrity. Nancy Reagan campaigned against drugs and Jackie Kennedy campaigned for the arts. The rough and tumble world of politics was left to the president himself, until the Bill and Hillary "co-presidents" interview. As soon as Bill took office, Hillary assumed a high profile with her famous team assembled to design a national health care program. Now, after eight years of a high profile in the White House, and a seat in the Senate, she is running for president.
Because of the precedent established by the Clintons, we must now ask of Michelle Obama, would she ever run for president? What are her core beliefs? Her infamous statement that she is proud to be an American for the first time in her life, after her stump speeches in South Carolina in which she decried America as "downright mean" do not inspire my confidence in her ability to unite the country. Her opinions make me wonder what sort of talk prevails in Barack Obama's inner circle. She seems like a strong minded woman, unafraid to speak her mind. But she and Barack both went to Reverend Wright's church. Why did she not object to venom from the pulpit? Since a First Lady running for president is no longer unthinkable, we have a right to scrutinise her record as well. Michelle Obama expresses a lot of resentment against America. Reverend Wright was the minister who officiated over their marriage. It seems that there are not only questions about Barack Obama's Reverend Wright but his Mrs Right as well.
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