Monday, May 26, 2008

What Baggage Would Obama Unpack in The White House?

Barack Obama was a rising star in the State Senate of Illinois. There are a lot of unanswered questions about those who aided him in his rise to power. So far, the Democratic Party machine has found him useful. The unanswered questions about his now indicted sponsors have not registered with the major networks.
Ehud Olmert is facing indictment. The tenacity with which he clings to political life evokes thoughts of his predecessor on life support. Desperately he attempts to make deals with Israel's enemies, hoping that powerful allies abroad will revive his political fortune. Sadly, Hamas gloats as he dictates a policy of retreat and concessions. They mistake his policies dictated by self interest for the fear and faint heartedness of the people of Israel. They are in for a rude awakening that I fear will be at the cost of more civilian casualties.
What connection does this have to America's upcoming elections? The information coming out of Chicago points to unanswered questions about who has paid for Obama's local (not presidential) campaign and what they got for it. Obama was involved in legal work for a slumlord who secured government loans to renovate buildings that are today uninhabitable.(see videos) The information is out there. A Google or You Tube search with the term "Obama Scandal" brings up useless muck along with some sordid and some very well presented allegations. We as individuals are being given by technology the chance to sort through information that the mainstream media will not touch. We no longer have to follow the dictates of the big networks. We as readers and publishers in the blogosphere can make a difference.
Ehud Olmert is now making concessions to Israel's enemies that pose grave threats to Israel's security. He is doing it to avoid paying the price for his alleged corruption as Jerusalem mayor. Spiro T. Agnew was forced to resign for misconduct as governor of Maryland well into his tenure as America's Vice President. America under George W. Bush's successor will face daunting challenges on the international scene from ruthless enemies pressing at our borders and living among us. America should learn from Israel's mistakes . We should not put ourselves in danger of being led by a man whose private political misfortunes blind him to the suffering of the land that he leads. Barack Hussein Obama has a past that will come to light whether he is a private citizen or a sitting President. We have a choice to sort through the information, misinformation and propaganda that is being spiked by the large networks. Instead of choosing the offerings of major newspapers you can do Google and You Tube searches for "Obama Scandal". Voters must decide whether the nation can endure the possibility of an Obama presidency that resembles Ehud Olmert shamelessly clinging to political life. For the good of the country, we should choose a President whose personal political fortunes do not eclipse the national interest. There is still time. We should do the right thing.

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