Saturday, June 21, 2008


( Mega hat tips to Findalis and Rebel Radius)

There is a story that is recurring with disturbing frequency. As detailed in the video that accompanies this post, there are credible rumours that the internet will be vastly restricted in the year 2012. The story is that the internet service providers will offer packaged with limited numbers of channels. Those who want to go off the beaten path and visit small sites like this one or go on bulletin boards will have to pay a per site surcharge. This will have a chilling effect on bloggers who will face the reluctance of potential viewers to pay per click. It will drive the masses of internet viewers to the same mainstream providers of (dis)information who are being deserted in droves by masses of viewers who want a free democratic media where news consumers have free run in an uncensored marketpalce of ideas.
I am a small end blogger. Look at my site meter and you can see I am not a big name blogger. But Magdeburger Joe and Rudi Stettner are the launching pads for my dreams. I am going to fight for their survival. I will join anyone else who wants to do the same thing. If this plan is launched, I am going to take methodical notes of every advertiser and every advertiser and every single half rate magazine and newspaper that joins this new package service. I will boycott each and every advertiser that signs up to support this strangulation of free speech. I live in Brooklyn, and there is a multitude of retailers who are mom and pop affairs. If the internet service providers want to strangle my dreams and stifle my voice, I will fight back. It is ESSENTIAL for every blog, every bulletin board to sizzle with collective rage at this outrageous attempt to strangle free speech. While we have a voice, let's shock the internet service providers with our vehemence, anger and indignation. The major networks and newspapers are facing legitimate competition and they are losing. Now they want to play dirty pool.
I am posting the links to this story. Some of my readers are fellow bloggers. This is going to be a major cause on this blog and on Magdeburger Joe now and in the future. I am driven by moral and political considerations. I am also driven by self interest.
This information is too new to formulate a united strategy in defense of internet freedom. But the struggle will with G-d's help move forward. I will share new information with my readership as it becomes available. Let anyone who would advertise or join a restricted internet that small bloggers and freedom minded individuals are watching them. They will be shunned and boycotted as quislings and collaborators in this war on free speech. Internet service providers have in the words of Mao Tse-tung "let one hundred flowers bloom." They will not be cut down without fierce battles. Sphere: Related Content

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