Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bloggers For Choice

"Choice" has become an article of faith in the Democratic Party. Whenever a nominee is presented for the U.S. Supreme Court, the Democrats wage holy war to make sure that the nominee won't overturn Roe vs. Wade. How "pro choice are they? What about choosing how to educate one's children? What if you want to send your child to a Christian or a Jewish school? As long as you are willing to pay school taxes as well as tuition, you've got no problem. Does this present a problem for blue collar workers who want a religious education for their children? Don't worry. The Democrats are for working people. They know what is best for you.
What is the cornerstone of the war on private schools? It is the Blaine amendment.James Blaine was a speaker in the U.S. House of Representatives. An attempt was made to make it an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Although it fell short of that, it was adopted by numerous state legislatures. It banned public money going to private schools at a time when many Irish immigrants were creating a refuge from bigotry in their own Catholic schools. At a time when "Irish need not apply". was a common notation in help wanted ads, it was not such a leap to take a cruel slap at their schools. It is ironic that the descendants of those who enshrined their bigotry in the Blaine Amendment now chafe under its restrictions.
The modern day beneficiaries of this legislative monument to bigotry defend the monopolistic stranglehold of the public schools on American education with pious genuflections at the wall of separation between church and state. Although teachers unions are blamed for defending this legal monopoly, they are ultimately the losers. They too must pay a hefty price in wage cuts if they choose to teach at a religious school.
There is an collection of images that evoke associations of religious intolerance. The turbaned mullah, the veiled women of Islam, the dour Puritans and the Chassidim in antiquated attire are all easy targets for the smugly "tolerant". But the most pervasive face of intolerance does not distinguish itself with exotic attire. It is not clothing but expressions of disdain towards religious faith that are the new garb of religious coercion. In their distorted world, an abortion can be offered to a child, but not a Tylenol. In defiance of all logic they deny that their lack of religious faith is itself a religion. It is totally fitting that the cornerstone of their stranglehold on education is a piece of legislation that was a monument to bigotry in the 19th century. If they really were "pro choice " in any matter besides abortion they would support the repeal of the Blaine Amendment and advocate private schools getting their fair share of tax dollars.
What is their motto? "Be glad you live in America, where you're free to do whatever I want." Sphere: Related Content

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