Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Carter Will Join Castro, Hamas and Farrakhan in Supporting Obama

Jimmy Carter has joined both Hamas , Fidel Castro and Louis Farrakhan in endorsing Democratic front runner Barack Hussein Obama. Former President Carter has been easily one of the most influential men in the last half century. His decision to sanction and aid the overthrow of America's ally, the Shah of Iran has tipped the strategic balance of power in the Middle East and provided a beach head for the forces of Islamic terrorism in the world. The list of those endorsing Mr. Obama has provided a measure of clarity to those who wonder in which direction comrade Obama wishes to take our country.
Any meaningful discussion of the fundamental differences between Obama ond the other candidates has been relegated to the sidelines of media presidential coverage. Instead we hear hourly recaps of delegate counts and speculation over when Hillary will finally throw in the towel.
A bit of comic relief is provided by the spectacle of Democrats being forced to choose between a first African American president and a first female president. Those of us who are simply trying to choose the best person for the job view their discomfiture with some amusement. What promises to be even more interesting in the upcoming months will be the scrutiny of Obama's friends in Chicago . With this will come the question of to whom he owes favours. Until the major papers pick up on these legitimate questions, the rest of us will be typing "Obama scandal" into You Tube and separating the fact from the fiction. I do not want to endorse or promote any videos such a search might bring up until I am satisfied that they are accurate. Since the major networks are passing up the opportunity to do investigative work, it is up to us to do our own investigations. One thing I have decided to be fit for presentation on this web site is the video below, in which Barack Hussein Obama discusses his feelings about white people.Since he has called for a national dialogue about race, it is only fair that his own words should be entered into the public record.
The facts are out there about all of the candidates for President. We have an opportunity unavailable to previous generations to be well informed about the candidates. We owe it to future generations not to pass on this unique opportunity.

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1 comment:

Mariano said...

At this juncture, we have 2 candidates to chose from, period. The system is corrupt from the get go, and a real candidate that can emerge, whom is concerned above all the American people, does not have a chance to make it to this forum,

Therefore, as you said, we must scrutinize these men. The media is a joke, at one point it looked to me that we had to chose between their pastors, as opposed to whom they are. Both sides exhibited looney pastors, although McCain's 2 nut-jobs were even more offensive and satanic then Rev. Wright.

Obama is by far the best of the two men. Not to mention the fact that he is actually a statesmen, and holds himself up as such, he is an excellent communicator and organizer. A Constitutional scholar, not a soldier looking for another fight. We need to protect and uphold the Constitution above all.

Say what you will about his past connections, but those will NOT be a part of his administration. He is such a unique and historic candidate, that the scrutiny that he will receive should satisfy your desire to find something to pin on him as 'bad.'And, those issues will be dealt with. Does anyone honestly think that the Obama campaign would get this far to let a dumb mistake from the past halt this train?

You know what bad is? McCain. (yes, he was a war hero, I get it. So was Napoleon before megalomania kicked in) McCain is huge flip-flopper, or shiftschanger if you prefer. A spineless politician. Remember when Bush destroyed him in South Carolina? What did he do? Took it like his little lacky. Republicans are too scared to have their own opinions and beliefs as long as it's not within party lines. McCain goes with whatever the base sez. If I hear the word "maverick" about him once again, I'm gonna be sick.

Obama is a maverick. When was the last time we had a candidate for the White House that was this free and not associated with the shackles of lobbying corruption and the Washington DC culture?

So YES, voice your concerns about Obama's plans in the Middle East with his campaign, because when he becomes President, we can all help in making it a historic and productive administration. Unlike the nightmare we are still suffering through.