Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chaos in Zimbabwe

video To spare his followers the wave of murderous violence unleashed against them, Morgan Tzvangirai the sole opponent of Zimabwean dictator Robert Mugabe has stepped down. His departure lays bare the sham of Zimbabwe's rigged elections . It is likely to trigger a wave of international pressure upon Mugabe to resign from office.
Zimbabwe ranks with the Congo and North Korea as yet another man made disaster that puts millions in danger of starvation. Once an exporter of food, Zimbabwe is spinning into an economic meltdown. Farms that were once productive have been expropriated, and given to political cronies of Robert Mugabe, the local dictator. Without expert management, farm after farm has gone under , causing the loss of thousands of jobs. In addition to this, entire neighborhoods were leveled in urban renewals schemes that never materialised.
In the past, South Africa was a regional superpower. In addition to jobs for immigrants from neighbouring countries, South Africa had a military presence in some neighbouring countries such as Mozambique and Angola. Instead of being a "progressive" superpower in the region and stabilising the transition in South Africa and Zimbabwe to majority rule, the government of Thabo Mbeki in Pretoria has steadfastly refused to oppose the rule of terror under Robert Mugabe in neighbouring Zimbabwe.
The United Nations has not done anything substantial in the Zimbabwean humanitarian crisis, letting it instead reach critical proportions. Given its past record of sex abuse epidemics in previous U.N. aid programmes in the Congo, Cambodia and Bosnia, perhaps the Zimbabweans are fortunate to be spared yet another plague. From Sudan and Mauritania to the Congo and Zimbabwe Sub-Saharan Africa stands as the region in the greatest need of outside investment and development. Its suffering peoples continue to be treated in the halls of the U.N. like children of a lesser god. It is sad that the dream of majority rule in Zimbabwe has turned into such a nightmare. Even with its skyrocketing crime rate in the Black townships, even with its wave of murders of Afrikaner farmers, South Africa remains far more prosperous than Zimbabwe. Past experience in other African countries that achieved majority rule has shown that it is far better for the new government when business is permitted to prosper. Zimbabwe faces years of reconstruction after the disaster of the Mugabe government. The suffering of Zimbabwe should serve as a lesson to South Africa not to drive out its white tribes, but to build a future in which all South Africans have a role.

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Both videos in this posting are from You Tube. The video at the top starts with a bitterly sarcastic happy birthday wishes to Robert Mugabe against a backdrop of pictures depicting suffering Zimbabweans. The video at the bottom is a chilling report from South Africa about Afrikaner farmers being murdered by racist gangs. It should be noted that the highest murder rate in the world is among Afrikaner farmers. If South Africa does not watch out, it could easily go the way of Zimbabwe Sphere: Related Content

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