Thursday, June 19, 2008

Drill Now!! Say the Overwhelming Majority of Americans

(From World Net Daily)

With gas prices reaching historic highs, a Rasmussen Reports telephone poll shows Americans looking for relief are consistently backing the same answer: Drill for our own oil.

The survey found 67 percent of voters support drilling for oil off American coasts, and 64 percent believe it at least somewhat likely drilling will lead to lower prices at the pump.(Click link above for full story.)

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Across the political spectrum, Americans support off shore drilling in Florida and California as well as other states. Efforts to facilitate off shore drilling have continued to attract opposition in Congress. Presidential aspirant Barack Hussein Obama has in his capacity as Senator from Illinois has voted and spoken against lifting the ban on offshore drilling. He claimed that it was only a short term solution to America's oil problems.

Compounding the frustration felt by many Americans is the news that China will with Cuba's cooperation soon start drilling off the Florida coast for oil.(see link ) This will bankroll a regime with politics similar to those of the Hugo Chavez regime in Venezuela. It will also add to America's balance of payment problems with China, thereby hastening the decline in value of the U.S. dollar. Instead of buying the oil from American companies, we will be buying from China. Compounding the folly is the fact that the Chinese and the Cubans will be tapping the same vast subterranean lake of oil that also reaches into U.S. waters. They will be draining oil from beneath us with no opposition or regulation in the Chinese or Cuban legislatures.

Environmentalists with unchecked veto power over America's energy options are endangering America's economy and security. It is one thing to proceed with reasonable precautions. It is quite another matter to avoid drilling for oil entirely.China is notoriously indifferent to ecological concerns. Now they are going to drill off Florida's coast with their infamous indifference to the environment.

When we are evaluating the positions of Obama and McCain, we should look at their past record on these issues. Obama in particular is prone to saying whatever will play in front of a given audience. He has a past record in the Senate and in the Illinois state legislature. That is what we should be questioning him on.

Oil will be a part of our economy for a long time. Looking for alternatives such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power should,however be encouraged. Investment in petroleum alternatives should come from those whose vested interests are not tied up in oil. The oil industry should certainly be watched to protect us all from environmental disasters and profiteering. But there is a big difference between regulating and shackling. To paraphrase a famous Obama statement, America needs to have a dialogue about oil.

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